About Dr.Lane


Chiropractor and Life Strategist

Practicing Chiropractic and Acupuncture for the last decade Dr. Garrett Lane has strong passion for teaching his holistic lifestyle. As a Certified Applied Kinesiologist he brings a different approach  not shared by mainstream medical theory.
He has served as an Ambassador for his chiropractic college and had represented the American Chiropractic Assoc in Washington D.C multiple times. Taught Anatomy and Physiology for a college, and has served on a committee for a professional psychology college.
Dr. Lane lives his life with Passion. He turns his cant’s into musts.  He has rode a bull in rodeo, sky dives, Taekwondo State Champion, Scuba dived in more than 10 countries, Ironman Finisher. Traveled over 50K miles just in 2015 to bring the best coaching strategies together.
In 2013 he launched his own line of nutrition and is a speaker for other nutrition lines.
His favorite question since a kid was asking the question WHY. After some events in his life he shifted his focus to find the forces that cause people to do what they do and WHY. After finding those answers he is now traveling non-stop to tell others the WHY.
Dr. Lane has bought a 80 acre farm and is converting it into a organic Farm and healing retreat. The farm will become the future meeting place for people around the world to come and be healed inside and out.