Black Gate Farms

When you want the Best. Certified Organic Grass Feed Beef. Northern Red Devon

Our adventure in Organic Farming started in 2002 nearly 10 years ago and with a lot of hard work and plenty of education along the way, Blackgate was officially Certified Organic in 2006.

At Blackgate everything starts with the soil. Synthetic ground produces a synthetic animal. What I mean by synthetic is something that is not natural or genuine, something artificial. Soil that is treated with chemical and synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides eventually produces a soil that is oxygen starved which lets bad bacteria run rampant which destroys the delicate ecosystem between soil, plants and eventually  animals   and  humans  alike.   In   return   animals  become

dependent upon vaccinations, antibiotics, wormers, penicillin etc., they become a product of their environment which is what I call a Chemical Cow…Very scary stuff when you stop and think about it.

Our Certified Organic farm has soil that is alive, full of thriving good bacterial, earthworms, microbes. Soil that is full of oxygen and life, living in its own precious and delicate ecosystem the way God intended. We believe God has led us to farm with sustainability and responsible stewardship in mind. Blackgate Beef is produced in this environment with NO chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, vaccinations, wormers, hormones or drugs of ANY kind. Our Beef is Certified Organic and 100% Grass-fed with no grain of ANY kind ever fed from birth to harvest. Our animals are always free to roam on pasture and never confined, living a stress free life.

Because of the ALL grass diet of our beef, Blackgates meat is higher in Omega 3 and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) with six times the Vitamin E of grain fed beef. When cattle are raised on fresh pasture alone (as nature intended), they contain three to five times more CLA than animals fed conventional diets. Because grass-fed meat is lean it is also lower in calories. A six-ounce steak from a grass-fed steer has almost 100 less calories than that of a grain-fed steer. Although grass-fed meat is low in total fat, it has two to six times more Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’s are the good fats!!! For more health benefits of grass-fed beef check out

Our mineral program allows the cow to have free choice of the Certified Organic Minerals they know their body needs. Certified Organic means the product has been Certified to meet specific standards and regulations set forth by the National Organic Program. In the United Sates a true Certified Organic Product is Certified by an accredited Certifying agent and is allowed to wear the USDA Organic Seal. Blackgate is proud to have earned that Certified Organic Seal because it allows us to deliver a product that we are proud of and you can trust.  If the soil is sick and contaminated with harsh chemicals, then the animals and people who consume these crops will be affected to some degree. We are what we EAT and DRINK!!!